Useful hair and skin care that you’ll enjoy and your body will love.

Elegant and luxurious Ayurveda inspired hair, skin and self care that is simple and effective. This is centuries old, time tested wisdom, passed down to us through our family. From classic botanical blends to nourishing treatments for your hair, face and skin, we infuse our culture and traditions into every product we craft.


Hair oiling is Ayurvedic and backed by science. Applying the hair oil not only benefits your hair and scalp, it also acts as a self care routine.

The act of opening the bottle and being transported by the scent, taking the time to massage your scalp and let the hair oil soak in, brushing out your hair, waiting 30 minutes and then taking a long, luxurious shower all create a wonderful feeling of relaxed calm and wellbeing.

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  • Our Beauty is in our Diversity

    Our inclusive, gender-neutral products are formulated with adaptogenic botanicals, designed to suit adults of all genders, all ages, all hair and skin types. We craft our products to stand alone but they also work well with other products as part of your existing routines and treatments.

  • Niyam (pronounced nee-um) means good habits for a healthy life

    While our products are results based and highly effective, they have also been specifically designed to be part of larger wellness rituals. The ingredients have been selected for their efficacy and their wellbeing benefits. Using our products creates a moment of relaxation and naturally forms a calming ritual of self care.

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Clean beauty, Slow beauty

We are very proud to have an all natural, plant based range made from the finest ingredients. We focus on giving you truly effective and nourishing products, without any harmful chemicals or unnecessary additives. Our products are cruelty free, vegetarian and many of the ingredients used in our products are organic. Our products are made with love and are 100% free from GMOs, parabens, petrochemicals or synthetic fragrances.

We are rooted in nature use classic Ayurvedic botanicals and Australian Native ingredients because we know them to be time tested and effective. Our Ingredients are specifically chosen to maximise your results and wellbeing. Each ingredient is extracted and processed to preserve its purity.