Our Roots

Our grandfather (4 generations back) was an Ayurvedic doctor, in a small village in India. The love for natural and holistic wellness is in our genes. Growing up, we were always taught to trust the goodness of nature and its gifts. In our family, the kitchen pantry has always been the heart and the start, not just for food and nutrition but for beauty, health and wellbeing.
For for every problem, pain, discomfort or illness - whether it was a headache, a bleeding cut, a cure for insomnia, a recipe for glossy hair or clear skin, an issue with lactation, a remedy for a sore throat, a boost of immunity, protection from the evil eye or even just what's for dinner, the answer could always be found in the kitchen cupboards. Much like with food, we have an extensive repertoire of wellness recipes and home remedies that have been passed through the generations.
What is interesting is that most of these are seasonal and while there are specific cures for ailments, the majority are preventative and so deeply entrenched into our daily lives that we hardly notice them. For example, in the summer, we drink chaas or buttermilk which naturally delivers a shot of probiotics for gut health. In winter, we might add more ginger to our tea because its thermogenic. And every week, rain or shine, we oil our hair because it's good for us.
So for us, the concept of wellness has always been holistic, natural, seasonal, proactive and habitual.
Today, our passion for natural, effective, time tested solutions manifests itself in the form of Niyam Wellness. We are inspired by the legacy of our ancestors and we hope that by sharing the knowledge and family recipes they passed on to us, Niyam Wellness can be a part of your family's wellness story.