Our Story

Niyam Wellness was founded in 2021, inspired by the profound impact our Indian-Australian cultures had on our approach to wellness and beauty.

“In our Indian culture, the Ayurvedic concept of wellness has always been holistic, natural, seasonal, proactive and habitual. Meaning, it’s a part of everyday life, incorporating spirit, mind and body.

In our Australian culture, wellness is strongly connected to nature, being outdoors, taking care of your body both inside and out and being mindful to only use the best quality, most ethical ingredients in food and skincare. 

The result is an intertwining of living well and naturally being the best version of yourself and the art of self-care as second nature.”

— Founders, Noopur Bakshi & Minal Singhal

Owning our Identity
We were born in Bombay, our children were born in Sydney. We are proudly Indian Australian. As first generation immigrants, for us that means balancing our Indian culture, traditions, our roots and all the best parts of our heritage with the parts of Australia that we truly love.
Taking inspiration from nature, embracing Australian native botanicals with respect and curiosity, ensuring our brand is clean, ethical and sustainable. Niyam Wellness brings our two cultures together to represent and celebrate our whole identity. We hope it inspires you to boldly and confidently own your identity too.
Building a Legacy
We are so lucky that both India and Australia have an abundance of ancient wisdom and wellness traditions that date back thousands of years. The learnings are limitless and it is our privilege to pass this legacy to our kids and to future generations, through Niyam Wellness.
A way of sharing our stories and preserving little heirlooms of history by connecting them to the rituals and routines of our everyday lives.
Forget Beauty Standards
According to Ayurveda, the definition of true beauty is an outer appearance of healthy hair, glowing skin and looking younger than your age combined with the inner beauty of a positive mind and spirit. It appears that our beauty goals have remained unchanged over the centuries.
We believe that true beauty is an outcome of overall wellness. You look beautiful when you feel beautiful. Sleep, nutrition, exercise, stress, environmental factors, mental health all contribute to the larger picture. So we created products that not only nourish your hair, skin and body but also give you a moment of calm to nurture your mind and lift your spirit.


Honour Ourselves

As mothers, juggling careers, a fast-paced life, and everything in between on a daily basis, we understand that the stress and pollution of modern living can have dramatic effects on people’s appearance and internal equilibrium. 

After collecting data and stories from friends and colleagues we realised the challenge of finding balance is universal, driving our commitment to finding a solution that fits into the lifestyle of both women and men. 

Following years of researching holistic wellness techniques from our ancestral home in India and embracing Australian native botanicals, we realised that this shared knowledge between our two cultures results in products that serve to nourish both the body and the soul. 

With Niyam Wellness we hope to encourage others to honour themselves by incorporating wellness routines as a daily practice and witness the results it can have. 

In a world of increasingly unrealistic beauty standards, we want to encourage you to step away from that concept of beauty and be your own kind of beautiful.


Noopur Bakshi & Minal Singhal

— Founders, Niyam Wellness